Institutional, School Lighting Products, Fixtures, Controls

One Source Lighting & Design offers institutional lighting fixtures and controls from the top lighting vendors for your project.

* Gammalux – GPD featuring EZ TELE

*Williams – Made Right Here

*Focus Industries


*Edison Price – Made in the USA

*Edison Price – Luxcasting

*Comac – iCast Hand Dryer

*DALS – RGBW Wifi Tape Kit

*KLUS – LED Bathroom Lighting

*S4 Lights Inc. – Pixel Pines

*Emergi-lite Recessed architectural battery unit or remote fixture

*IR-TEC – OS-NET: Wireless Controls Made Easy

*Bolt Star – Demonstration Video

*XAL – Task

*XAL – Leno

*IR-TEC – Innovation with Ed Begley Jr

*Amerlux – Slots & Dots

*IR-TEC – Vacancy Sensing to Occupancy Sensing